Sunday, July 26, 2009

Objectification of Women in perfume ads for men

In perfume ads for men, perfumes are presented as tools to get the desired object, women. Sex is being used to sell the perfume, by saying “if you have this perfume, then you will have sex”. Specifically with a beautiful woman, and so are women objectified. They become a goal, a thing to be gotten through the product. This is done to sell the perfume at all. Perfume is seen as a feminine product, so it must be advertised in a way that is both masculine and heterosexual. As with Esquire “It had to be made clear that women were the natural objects of its readership’s desire”.1

This is also because sex sells, “The porn industry makes between $10 Billion and $14 Billion annually”.2 The Tom Ford ads, for example, hit you over the head with the promise of sex. The Azzaro ads show two people, presumably in a relationship. While the Emporio Armani ads imply that women will come after someone wearing their scent. Notice that all the sex promised is heterosexual. This is to legitimize the act of men buying perfume.

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  1. Daniel-
    I think you're on the right track here. Your analysis isn't as clear as in your first blog post; however, the main issue seems to be that the intro paragraph is missing. I see your collage images, your two paragraphs with the quoted materials from the readings; however, I am not seeing an intro paragraph with a thesis statement. Therefore, I can see how it could be tough to make a focused argument with the 2 other paragraphs and the collage, but without an intro that states what the specific argument is (as its thesis).
    As I read through the post, you seem to be arguing that women are used to sell a product that's marketed for men; while they're not the target demographic, women's sexuality and the supposed sex-from-buying-perfume-outcome that is imagined by the ads' audience members, is a bit paradoxical.
    You chose good quotes and good images; however, you need to 'force yourself' to follow the assignment requirements :o)
    Try to follow the steps of the assignment as listed on the handouts/SOCS or see me if you'd like a recap :o)